Growing up pains

When was the last time I felt like running against the wind?

When did ice-cream become “too heavy” and stopped being YUM?

When did a weekend involve ‘being at home’?

Why did I stop loving my vacations and start worrying about my work?

When was the last time I saw the stars and be amazed?

When did meeting others become a “chore” and not something fun?

When did movies become “too long”?

When did TV stop being interesting?

Why did YouTube just become for white noise?

When did being able to function require endless amounts of coffee?

When did my closet become filled with blacks, blues, and greys?

When did my bright crayons be replaced with pens?

When did this happen?



…When did I grow up?



Hey! I like you.And you?

I see you sitting across the office desk.

I like you. I wanna say loud and clear.

Your smile brightens my day.

A romantic song plays through my head when you say “Hi”.

Gosh. I’ve become a silly teenager again.

I like you. Why are such simple 3 words so hard to say?


I know the girl on your left likes you too.

How do I know? She told me.

Say I like you. That’s my advice to her.

Has she told you yet?


I like you.

What am I afraid of?

I like you.

Is there someway my thoughts can reach you without me saying them?

I like you.

I’m such a coward.

I like you.

I really wish I didn’t.

I like you.

I really do.


What’s that paper you just gave me?

I like you. It says.

I smile and look at you…

How about a coffee break?







Cold & Foggy

Is it morning already?

Can’t tell.

Its 7 am.

Why do I need to get up?

It’s cold & foggy.

Even my dog is still asleep.

The bed is warm.

Outdoors is cold…and foggy.

I can smell the fog.

Smells of my childhood school mornings.

I hate being an adult especially today.

It’s decided. I’m not going in today.

Its too cold.

I’m going to stay warm in my blanket.

I have no reason to be an adult today.


What day is it today?

It’s payday.

Its not that cold after all.


A kid at 78

I’m old, they say.

Behave your age, they say.

Eat properly at your age, they say.

Don’t strain yourself.

Don’t go out too much.

Dress appropriately.

Take it easy.

It’s your age, they say.

Huh? What’s wrong with my age?

People “my age” are fashion models, I say.

“My age” people even climb mountains.

Those “my age” work as chefs, teachers, doctors, surgeons, students,….

“My age” is what I want.

“My Age” is not 78.  “My age” is 15.

Do the new math.